Have your water and eat it too

21 foods that will help you stay hydrated


We’ve all heard it before… drinking water is important! But for those who can’t seem to drink enough water, eating high water content foods is a great option.

The water we eat is different, because the water in food is surrounded by other molecules that help it get into our cells more easily! This ensures that it stays in our system for long enough to be put to good use. Dr Howard Murad, associate clinic professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and author of The Water Secret says that, ‘‘when we eat water-rich foods, we absorb water more slowly because it is trapped in the structure of these foods.That slow absorption means the water in food stays in our bodies longer, and brings a multitude of additional benefits.”

While most foods contain some water, plant foods have more! Plus when you’re consuming water through fruits and vegetables, you also get antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and fibre! Some studies have even shown that fruits and veggies can hydrate the body twice as effectively as a glass of water. Wow! Check out the most hydrating foods below:

Cucumber: 96% water

Iceberg lettuce: 96% water

Celery: 95% water

Radish: 95% water

Red tomato: 94% water

Zucchini: 95% wate

Grapes: 92% water

Sweet Peppers: 92% water

Green cabbage: 93% water

Cauliflower: 92% water

Spinach: 92% water

Strawberries: 92% water

Watermelon: 92% water

Grapefruit: 91% water

Cantaloupe: 90% water

Peach: 88% water

Pineapple: 87% water

Raspberries: 87% water

Cranberries: 87% water

Orange: 87% water

Apricot: 86% water

Sources: WebMD

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