50 Shades of Yellow: What Your Urine Can Tell You

Although it may not be the most pleasant subject, the colour of our urine can tell us ALOT about our health and hydration. Generally, the lighter the colour, the more hydrated you are. But why is that?

Dehydration is caused when the volume of water in the body is depleted. And when we are dehydrated, our kidneys (which filter waste) tell the body to retain water. This means we will have less water in our urine, which causes it to become more concentrated and darker. It is so important to regulate the colour of our urine, because it is one of the most obvious signals of how much water we need to be drinking! It is also important to note that the colour of our urine can also change colours depending on what we’re eating and the medication we are taking.

Colour Chart:

  • Transparent-Yellow Pee: This is the normal urine color of a healthy, well-hydrated body. This is what it should look like!
  • Transparent Or Clear Pee: This can mean you are overhydrated. You should always be properly hydrated, but when you drink too much water it will make your urine colourless.
  • Dark Yellow Pee: This is still normal, but on the border of dehydration.
  • Honey-Colored Pee:  You need to be drinking more!
  • Maple-Syrup-Colored Pee: This is could suggest severe dehydration or liver disease.
  • Pink To Reddish-Colored Pee: If you’ve been eating red-pigmented foods like beets or blueberries, then you’re fine. If not, it’s time to visit the doctor!





Although dehydration is much worse than over hydration, some people actually can drink too much water. Healthy urine is a light yellow colour so if your urine is transparent, you need to cut down how much you are drinking (juuuuuuuust a little bit!).



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