My Klean Kanteen and me, a love story

Why I strive to drink at least 7 glasses of water every day.


Let’s get this out of the way: I am in a long term relationship with my Klean Kanteen. I mean who wouldn’t be? Just look at it!

I learned last year that the average person doesn’t drink “enough” water. I personally always strive to be the healthiest version of myself, and knew immediately after reading this that it applied to me. Despite the debate over the ‘8 glasses a day’ rule, I trusted the success stories and decided to give water a chance to work its magic on me! I wanted to challenge myself to drink the recommended amount of water everyday to see the effect on my overall well-being and mood, but specifically wanted to see how it would effect my skin. I have extremely acne-prone skin, having struggled with it throughout my teenage years and now well into my early twenties. I knew that water wasn’t going to cure my acne, but after years of facials, peels, and treatments I figured it would be a step in the right direction to treat my acne from the inside-out.

The only thing about my normal routine that I changed was the amount of water I drank. I knew that the only way I would drink more was if it were readily available to me throughout the day. I decided I needed a trusty water bottle companion, and decided to go with a 27oz stainless steel Klean Kanteen bottle.

I was able to get into a routine very quickly and surprised myself by how much I could actually drink when I put my mind to it. The first thing I noticed was that I peed… a lot. Yes, I went there! But despite the many trips to the ladies room, drinking roughly 54oz of water (2 re-fills of my bottle) each day was well worth it. I immediately felt a natural boost in energy. I also felt a lot more full throughout the day. I usually hit 11:30am and felt hungry for lunch, but after drinking a full bottle by lunch time I didn’t feel hungry till at least 1pm. This also sparked a positive change in my diet as well, but that’s a whole different story. The result I was the happiest with was when my skin cleared up within the first two weeks. My acne was still definitely there but it was less inflamed, less noticeable, and my face just felt more AWAKE! I was immediately hooked. 

Since it was so simple to incorporate this healthy habit into my daily routine, I have found it easy to continue this experiment to this day. It has been a year since I made this choice and I stand by it every day, literally. If I accidentally leave home without my water bottle or only have a glass or two before lunchtime, I will feel the effects psychically and emotionally. I’ll feel more irritated, drowsy, hungry, and just not myself.

I wouldn’t feel the way I do today without my water bottle. Instead of continuously having to buy plastic bottles or fill up small glasses of water at home, I simply carry around my bottle with me everywhere I go. It’s a visual reminder to drink water, and keep track of exactly how much I’ve been drinking. And honestly, I see it as an accessory now. I highly recommend finding your own water bottle that you can carry with you throughout your busy 20-something life. Get in the habit of keeping it with you at all times, and you won’t be able to resist drinking from it! Water makes me feel good, and I think thats something worth drinking to. 


3 thoughts on “My Klean Kanteen and me, a love story”

  1. I love this article!!! Water helps so many aspects of our body, from our digestive system to our hair, skin and nails. So drinking it everyday is definitely something every one should be getting in the habit of doing!

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